The power of eCommerce services by Rick Rahim

The Virginia native serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, Rick Rahim is a dynamic leader and an accomplished executive who has launched and oversees a diverse group of enterprises, with investments across manufacturing, e-commerce, apparel, pet care, and consulting. He is also the founder and president of at present.

Here, he shares his thoughts on the evolution of eCommerce, its services, and how it benefits the end-users? The rise of the internet in the 1990s led to the radical transformation of trade and democratized entrepreneurship, making it possible for every person to start a business with a minimal initial investment. According to Rick Rahim not only the customers have become tech-savvy, they expect the companies to provide the best services online. This leads to every business to have a smart image on the internet and also take an extra step in ensuring the satisfaction of its customers.

With mobile devices taking connectivity and convenience to a whole new level, e-commerce will only continue to expand its share of retail, which makes it a highly attractive sector for business endeavors. However, launching an online company may be relatively easier, but it is no different from starting a traditional enterprise when it comes to ensuring its success, comments Rick Rahim.

The reason for the high popularity of eCommerce services is due to the ease and convenience they offer to the customers. Consumers can now buy anything and everything on the internet, that too safely. Rick Rahim says online shopping is not only safe but also protected by law with strict regularization of eCommerce activities. This ensures the interests of both consumers and suppliers. Apart from eCommerce development, there is a number of internet marketing and promotional activities that can help you get a smart image for your business on the internet, expand your profitability and increase the customer base more than ever.