Rick Rahim is a dynamic leader and a well-settled executive and he has networked at the highest levels of business and politics.

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Rick Rahim: What makes an entrepreneur?

Rick Rahim has no fear of facing his critics, competitors, consumers and not fearing failure. He is always on the verge of taking a risk that can make his business a great success.


Rick Rahim - Qualities for becoming an Effective Leader

Rick Rahim stated that he most believed entrepreneurs have the capability to show trustworthiness and genuineness.


Rick Rahim presents how eCommerce is changing globally

Rick Rahim states “with the fame and widespread usage of the Internet this new trend in eCommerce business is spreading like wildfire and has a pivotal role in the global economy”. Businesses these days are rising in all realms.


The power of eCommerce services by Rick Rahim

Rick Rahim says online shopping is not only safe but also protected by law with strict regularization of eCommerce activities. This ensures the interests of both consumers and suppliers.


Rick Rahim: What are the benefits of using an e-commerce platform?

Rick Rahim says that if you want to promote your business online then you can take the help of an e-commerce platform as it is one of the affordable and effective ways of promoting your business worldwide.